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Angels on earth

Angels on earth after the attempted rape


Angels on earth : I was about 14/15 years old, I am talking of the seventies or eighties; back then we would go to the afternoon disco for teenagers, until seven in the evening, and I, just like many others, was going to a disco not far from my house, but far enough to take public transportation; it was summer, and it was dark very late.


A friend of mine told me that two of her friends were going to take us home, and that she knew them well, so she told me I had nothing to worry about, they were driving bikes, I was very naïve back then; I did not give it much thought and I accepted.


The two pretended to get lost, and took two different ways home, and I found myself with a stranger on a motorbike, on a road I did not recognize, heading out of town.


This is where it becomes difficult to describe it …


The guy pretended to have mechanical issues with the bike, he stopped on a field with a high crop, and he dragged me in the middle of it, I do not know what gave me the strength to react, not so much physical strength, as one would imagine, but more of a mental fortitude, I believe I became hard like marble, because the good-for-nothing could not even move me, or raise my arm, I would stare at him with an ice-cold stare, and I was rigid and heavy, I believe he got scared because he gave up, he went back to his bike, and drove off, leaving me there, as it was getting dark.


I never got panicked, I started to walk along a busy road, for those who live in Rome like me, I can tell you it was the Via Aurelia, it’s a very busy and dangerous road, like a highway.


I was holding on to the dress he had ripped open, and I was crying as I walked, soon later a car stopped, with four young men inside, one of them lowered the window and told me to hop in the car with them, I told them to get lost, that’s all I needed, but he called me by my name “Maya”, he called, “it’s us, let us take you home”.


They took me to a bar, they called my mother on the phone, even though I had not given them her number, they knew everything, even my phone number, and yet I did not know who they were, to reassure me, they told me we had friends in common, but it was not true.


Nobody knew them.


My mother was the typical mother of those times, I better be home at seven or else, instead, on the phone she felt comfortable as if it was all normal, in fact she did not even speak with me directly, just with one of them, some guy she did not know, how bizarre!


After having made sure I drank a chamomile tea, and allowed me to calm down, they drove me all the way to the doorstep of my house, they knew where I lived, I know I never told them anything, they told me to be careful next time, they pinched my cheek, gave me a smile, and then they left, I never found out who they were.


At home my mother was calm, she did not even ask me why my dress was ripped, and why I was late, very strange, I never told her anything about that day, because not only I wanted to forget all about it, but it was also because I was extremely ashamed; in order to overcome the trauma, I benefited enormously from the help from my high school professor, whom I am still close to now, however I am certain that someone who wanted to help me sent me those four young men, in my family this is not something rare, something very similar happened to my mother too, many years prior, actually it happened twice, Angels do exist!!!


I told this story holding my breath, because I get anxiety just by sharing it with you, over the years I learned to talk about it, because the more I externalize it the more I conquer the fear; later on, I learned from my girlfriend that my attacker actually died a few days later, and not from natural causes, he was a bad person and certainly did not live by the rules, I could not report him to the police, but I considered myself lucky to have escaped from a horrible act; at one point I was afraid for my life, it could have easily happened, given what kind of person he was, but I had four Angels with me, not one, but four, I always felt protected ever since then, many times over.


Angels on earth after the attempted rape are the words of Maya




Angels on earth after the attempted rape


Angels on earth


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