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Smelling the scent of a person

Smelling the scent of a person dead meaning


Smelling the scent of a person : we learned to recognize the signs of a presence near us from our beloved ones in the Sky, through the manifestation of scents; sometimes it was an aftershave, sometimes aromas, coffee, cigarettes, to name but a few; these scents have become their business cards when they want to help us, making us understand that they are near us; but there are other perfumes, scents of the body, the skin of a loved one, perfumes particularly linked to our memories, and once a memory is activated, that’s when we recognize a person, and that’s when the perfume goes away, as to confirm that we got the message correctly; let’s listen to Anna Maria’s testimonial.


I smelled a strong perfume that my mother used to wear, even the day that I took my very sick aunt into hospital, she died six months later.


As soon as I left the emergency room I smelled a very strong perfume, I could not understand where it was coming from , then, as soon as I remembered that it was my mother used to wear it, the perfume vanished.


Smelling the scent of a person dead meaning are the words from Anna Maria


Smelling the scent of a person


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