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Angels for children

Angels for children vivacious my story


Angels for children : Angels, creatures of light, they always keep vigil on us, they are always ready to help us, respecting the shared divine plan of each one of us; may years ago I witnessed their intervention.


My sister-in-law and I were on the second floor, in the patio, our children were playing near us, we were sitting and talking about preparations for my daughter’s birthday party.


My daughter was about to turn two and my nephew was a year and half, they were playing with a bedsheet that was hanging on the clothesline, by running through it, behind it was a little stair gate to prevent people from stepping onto the balcony, which did not have a rail.


Suddenly my daughter started calling me “mum, mum” it was a few seconds, I got up immediately and went toward the balcony, my nephew had managed to open the safety gate, he was on the balcony (without rail, and he was a vivacious child, always running) and I found him standing still, looking in front of him, his face raised up and he could not keep his eyes open to the point that he only had one eye open, I looked at his direction (during those few seconds), but I did not see anything, I picked him up and carried him to his mother’s arms (it was just a few seconds but it felt as if time slowed right down).


They are always next to us


Angels for children vivacious my story are the words from Rosella




Angels for children vivacious my story


Angels for children


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