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What do Angels look like

What do Angels look like I was in hospital


What do Angels look like : hello, I had a similar experience to the one I just read, about the apparition of a reassuring Angel during a hospital stay, with the exception that my Angel was dressed as a doctor; it was one of the worst days of my life, I was in the operating room, the doctor, unusually young, was dressed in a strange blue gown as he waled into the room, he talked to me with a musical voice, I remember asking myself how a doctor was allowed to have such very long hair, a very luminous pitch-black color, his eyes were a blue I had never seen before, I let myself be lulled by his extremely sweet voice, and I closed my eyes.


I woke up at the end of the surgery, I asked for the doctor, nobody fit the description I gave them, only later I finally understood.


What do Angels look like I was in hospital are the words from Giusy




What do Angels look like


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