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Seeing moving orbs

Seeing moving orbs experiences


Seeing moving orbs : I saw a blue orb and captured it, after the death of my mother I was seeing them almost every night; the last time I saw them was when I fractured my foot and I was stuck with bed rest, during the night I could see orbs float around me.


One night one of these globes jumped up from my bed and flew into the wardrobe, that is my mother’s wardrobe and I still have not removed any of her items for the last 15 years, and in that moment I understood that she was with me.


Another time, during sunrise, I was still asleep, I felt a presence upon me, I opened my eyes slightly and I saw three orbs, one shiny white, and two orange ones, they were standing still on the window still, as soon as I realized what they were, they took off toward outside in the direction of a church named the Queen of Angels.


I have not seen since that time; I hope they have not abandoned me


Seeing moving orbs are the words from Patrizia


Seeing moving orbs


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