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Angels on snow inexplicable events

Angels on snow inexplicable events experiences


Angels on snow inexplicable events : hello Sara, I will tell you an apparently inexplicable event that happened to me two years ago, that I consider to have been behind the blessing of “a good soul”; I was driving my truck in a little town in the mountains and I had stopped in front of a shop to drop a quick delivery; it was winter, there was snow on the sides of the narrow road, which was also downhill; I had not stopped the engine of the truck, and as usual I pulled the hand brake, even though I knew it had not been working very well; a few meters in front of my truck there was a parked car.


I went into the shop, dropped the delivery, but when I got out, the truck was not there, I looked down the road and saw my truck slowly rolling down the road, but the most dangerous thing was that at the very bottom of that street was a busy road, and my God, a car could easily hit the truck!!


Fortunately in that moment there were no passing cars, the truck slowly crossed the road, and landed on the other side where the was a gas station, it touched something, veered to one side, kept on going a few more feet and finally stopped, it only caused minor damage, which I was able to agree on repairing with the owner.


I went back to the original street, to see if the truck had damaged the car parked nearby, another person inspected it with me, but we could not find any sign of impact with the truck, or at least so it seemed, the car did have some scratches, but there was no evidence of an impact with the truck.


How is it possible that a truck would swerve to avoid a car?, I attributed it to the fact that maybe the truck wheels hit some hard snow on the side and made it turn to one side, but how did it then turn back to its original course? it seemed like the truck’s steering wheel was being handled by someone.


I am not new to this phenomenon, I already had other instances with my car where I was on the verge of hitting the car in front of mine, and then time would slow right down, and my car would have the chance to come to a stop.


Angels on snow inexplicable events are the words from Alberto


Angels on snow inexplicable events


Angels on snow


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