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Death does not exist signs received

Death does not exist signs received experiences


Death does not exist signs received : death does not exist, I lost my husband last February and I received so many messages, have faith, death does not exist, and those whom we have loved only leave us physically, but in reality they never leave us; I have enjoyed so many messages, even though they are much less frequent now; I ought to make a long list, but here are the most noteworthy ones.


The first night following his funeral, when I went to bed, I found the bedstand light turned on, and I knew for sure I had not turned it on myself, a few nights later, during that phase between sleep and waking up in the morning, I felt some sort of buzzing in my ears, then a very sudden drop in my body temperature (all windows were closed since it was February) and then I felt movement on his side of the bed.


The first few months were really hard, I just wanted to end it all, the idea of not abandoning my kids was the only thing that kept me going, in that moment, again in a half sleep half wake state, I heard his voice shouting my name, as if to reproach me, I can’t tell you what I felt in that moment.


I am a believer, I always knew that another dimension existed, I would tell my husband that I “felt” that this other dimension is actually quite close to us, however, even so, I assure you that at one point I thought I was losing my mind.


I have been going to a psychotherapist since my mourning started, and the psychologist comforted me, told me that I probably have abilities that are more developed than other people and there are many more signs I received.


Bye, have a good day.


Death does not exist signs received are the words from Monia




Death does not exist signs received


Death does not exist


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