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After death experiences

After death experiences testimonials


After death experiences : hello Sara Luce, I have been visiting your website for a long time now, reading the beautiful testimonials, and today I finally decided to also share my story with all of you; in august 2016 I lost my father, a very bad illness stole him from me and I will let you imagine the immense anguish I felt during the last few months, when the illness really made him suffer a lot; it had been really hard for me to cope, also because my mother has the same condition, and I was very afraid to be left alone; right after his death, in fact, we discovered that my mother was supposed to undergo a surgery, and I was having a hard time dealing with that knowledge.


I will tell you, however, that my father never really left me, he has been sending me a myriad signs starting from the day of his own funeral, I was crying desperately, I was screaming, externalizing all my anger and my sadness, in that moment I felt a light breeze blowing on me, and I felt something like a tender embrace from my daddy.


The night my mother was supposed to have her surgery, I was very anxious, worrying that if something went wrong I was going to lose her also, just the thought of it made me feel sick. As soon as I fell asleep I dreamed of my father, it was him, in flesh and bones, he was looking at me, he had a reassuring and serene look about him, he let me know that everything was going to be all right and so it was.


On his first birthday without us, it was a tough day for me, I was so sad, my dad used to love birthdays and if he had been among us I am sure he would have thrown a big party, I remember that day, I went to the florist and I bought him an amazing bunch of flowers, I took the flowers to the cemetery and I started crying desperately, I was asking myself why, why, why he was no longer with us, why he had left me, I felt lonely and abandoned, I asked him “dad, I beg you, if you are here, give me a sign, I beg you, I can’t bear your absence, please give me this gift!”.


That same day, as soon as I went home, my mother told me that a very good friend of ours (a strong believer) had called her and told her that the night before she had dreamt of my dad, and dad had told her that he was finally feeling well and he was serene, moreover, in her dream, what left us speechless is that our friend described certain habits my dad had, and she told us certain other things, that she could not have possibly known.


And now for the best part, for a long time I had been wishing to change my job, because what I had been doing was not fulfilling financially, and it required considerable physical exertion, so I was dreaming of stability, serenity in view of my future; in January, I finally made the decision to start sending out resumes, even if I will not hide the fact that the mere idea of change terrified me, because I definitely could not afford to make a mistake that made things worse than they were; a few weeks later I was called for a job interview, the position did not seem bad from the way they had described it, and yet I had many fears I would end up not liking it, so many worries. on the way home, I was in the car alone, I started talking to my dad, I told him “dad, please, you know I can not afford to be jobless, please, if I am making the wrong choice in leaving my old job, please find a way to make me understand it” in that very moment I felt the urge to turn the music on in the car at high volume, don’t even ask me why as I don’t know, and I heard the song from the artist Negramaro “everything happens for you”, I immediately burst into tears, it was such a beautiful confirmation that I was doing the right thing, and that he had helped me find something better than what I had, moreover, that very night I dreamed of him looking at me, smiling, and nodding, as if to say, go, my daughter, throw yourself wholeheartedly into this new adventure, these days, my new job gives me greater stability and more importantly it gives me a lot of satisfaction.


One morning, I was between asleep and awake, I heard his voice extremely clearly, it was him, there was absolutely no possibility of mistaking it, his voice was too real, he was calling me “Arianna, aren’t you going to work?” the alarm had been going off for a while, and I had kept on hitting the snooze button because I was very tired and he had always been very big on making sure I was on time for work, you can not imagine the joy that overcame me!!!


These are but a few of the beautiful signs that my father keeps sending me every day, I just wanted to share them with you, to me it’s a joy to be able to read the testimonials on this site, they give me the confirmation that our loved ones are all there, they are not suffering and they never abandon us, I hope I have been able to spread a little joy to all of you.


A serene Christmas to everyone


After death experiences testimonials are the words from Arianna




After death experiences testimonials


After death experiences


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