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Dreaming of being dead

Dreaming of being dead your own funeral


Dreaming of being dead : hello Sara Luce, the dream I wanted to share with you, was so real, so complete (without any interruption as it sometimes happens with dreams), moreover at the age of 12 I noticed that strange things were happening to me, my parents, in order to reassure me, would tell me things like “you must have seen it wrong, you must have misunderstood”; in any case, some time in June of this years I went to the town of Sulmona to visit my mother and my brother, during the night I had this specific dream, what I did not know was that my brother also had a dream very similar to mine.


In the morning, I asked my brother to accompany me to the cemetery to place some flowers at my father’s grave, he had passed five years ago, while we were there, my brother looked a little pensive, silent, I asked him the reason for the silence, and he answered, “you know, I dreamt of something bad but at the same time it was good”, I looked at him in disbelief, and told him “come on, tell me your dream, because I too had a nice dream last night”.


He said that in his dream he could see his own funeral in the church, he was high up, crying desperately because he did not want to leave his family, and so an Angel told him to follow him, since the Lord wanted to speak with him.


When he was in front of the Lord, my brother begged him to send him back among us, and so the Lord invited him to sit down, next to him, because he wanted to show him if he had led his life in the right way, my brother admitted that he had had his fair share of sins, but that he did not believe he deserved to die.


The Lord answered “they are not grave sins, you did not commit them in bad faith, however, now tell me, who is that man who just asked to speak? (in that moment my brother’s funeral was actually taking place); my brother, astonished, said “that’s my brother-in-law” (my husband, sadly an atheist); my husband, in tears, had asked to read a letter he had written to my brother, it was a letter full of love.


My brother was not expecting that, also because he knew he was an atheist, the Lord, pleased, looked at my brother and said “thanks to you a non-believer has entered into my home, do you see that you did do something right?, I want to reward you, I will let you return to your family, but in exchange, your brother will have to believe in the miracle, otherwise you will return to me”.


Obviously, my brother accepted, the only worry he had was if his brother-in-law was not going to believe in the miracle.


He woke up sealed inside his coffin, he was banging it to try and open it, we all heard the noise from the coffin, there were moments of panic and a stampede from the fright; his friends mustered some courage and opened the coffin, my brother jumped out and we stood there, staring at him incredulously, the priests approached him and took him into the sacristy, that’s were later on, after he felt better, he told about the agreement he had made with the Lord, and so now everything depended on his brother in law.


They summoned the brother-in-law into the SAGRESTIA, and asked him if he believed that the Lord had interceded, they all feared the answer, especially my brother, my husband replied “of course it is a miracle, it can not be otherwise”, and so my brother was given the chance to stay with us.


My dream during the same night was that I was in a dimly lit place, I was with other people, everyone was dressed very elegantly as if to go to a party, in front of us were two elevators, a man told us that when the door opened, we needed to be careful and make sure we only got in the elevators that were going up, never take those going down, but we were worried we would not be able to tell which ones were going up or down.


The doors opened, we were so afraid of making a mistake none of us entered, and so a translucent creature manifested, inviting us to get in, inside the elevator I could see two other girls, also translucent, also showed up, when the doors finally opened, in front of our eyes was a scenery of wonderful nature awaited us, colors to stop us on our feet, frozen, enjoying so much beauty, so much splendor made of hills and plains, so many shades of green, the sky was a clear, cloudless blue.


Many people approached us to greet us, they were smiling, happy, joyful, the girls that were with us in the elevator were no longer translucent but were now dressed in white tunics, one of them said that the time had come for us to separate, one group was free to go to those people, and the other was to visit the place and, if they liked, they could choose a place to live, I was among the group of people that were told to follow them.


They were walking down a narrow path like a country trail, I loved everything about that place, wonderful gardens, tree lined roads, wonderful flowers, and a climate that gave you relief, invited you to be outside, when we arrived, I found myself in front of a pretty stone country house, we entered and I found myself inside an immense, very well lit room, in front of me were other people (in a row), in turn each would enter another room, in the meantime I was looking around and I noticed that many walls were lined with white cloth, and a gentle breeze was moving them slightly, I heard the noise of water, saw a little brook surrounding the country house, I was so speechless that I was not asking myself any question, I was just curious and I stopped to look.


My turn had arrived, I entered the other room, I was paralyzed at the door, I could not believe what I was seeing, in the middle of the room was a tub, made of polished grey stone, it was very large, inside the tub was water from a stone waterfall nearby, flowing into the tub, the walls were lined with white cloth in that room too; there were women dressed in white tunics, some of them were joking, laughing, as if they were long time friends, one of them noticed me and told me to step forward, with a very sweet voice she explained to me that they were going to remove my clothes and let me into the tub, “no”, I said, I did not want to, why should I undress and step in that tub, I started crying and I just wanted to go back to my husband and my son, I wanted my family, with her sweet face she explained that my new home was there now, that I had crossed over, now we are your family, she told me, but I did not remember anything about the crossing over, I was shaken, but I accepted what seemed to be my new life.


They undressed me and led me into the tub, the water was cool, I closed my eyes, relaxed, and from my body I could feel the pain of a lifetime just melt away, so did the anxiety, the depression, inside me I could feel a growing serenity, joy, zest for life, sharing of goodness.


They let me out of the tub, placed a white tunic on me, just like the one they wore, and so I asked if I was supposed to work there, with them, she answered “no”, that an Angel was coming to pick me up to teach me how to save souls, “how to save souls?, I don’t know how to do that” I answered.


As I was uttering those words, an enchanting Angel arrived, it was a girl, she caressed my cheek and told me not to worry, soon I was going to learn “but first” she said, “I will show you where we live, and then we will find a place where you will live”.


I trusted her, we flew high up, I could see even better what a splendid place this was, I saw little villages immersed in the green, manicured gardens, lakes like mirrors.


This is how my dream ended, yet when I woke back up that sense of beatitude stayed with me for days, calling that just a dream is strange, because I have had dreams before, but none of them felt so truthful and so lived as this one.


What I don’t understand is why, in the same night, two siblings dreamt of being dead? what is the meaning of that?


Thank you Sara Luce


Dreaming of being dead your own funeral are the words from Maria Assunta


Dreaming of being dead your own funeral


Dreaming of being dead


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