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A great Love story

A great Love story a special embrace


A great Love story : today I tell you about a great Love story, a physical embrace after death seems almost an impossible thing, but it can happen; some time ago my daughter went to visit an old lady, who had recently become a widow, she was known to have received some special “gifts” from the Sky and her husband knew that very well.


The old lady said that she truly missed the love of her life and she wanted to die so she could reunite with him and stay together forever, that’s how much they loved each other on this life!


She prayed to see him again and hug him one more time and one night he appeared to her, not only that, she told us she had slept embraced to him the entire night, in her bed, just like when he was alive, she was so happy for this “gift”.


He told her not to cry anymore, that he was well but that he had to go away, after a little time she also passed away, it had been her greatest desire, in her life she had been a very good woman, who frequently prayed fervently to the Madonna to help need people, God had given her a special gift.


The old lady only shared this story with my daughter and hers, because she trusted them completely, and knew they would believe her, certain things can not be told to everyone because often you risk not only to not be believed, but to also be the subject of humor.


Have a good day Sara


A great Love story a special embrace testimonial from Annarella


A great Love story a special embrace


A great Love story


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