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Smelling smoke

Smelling cigarette smoke meaning


Smelling smoke : I wonder why people say that, when someone dies, they go into a long deep sleep and that there is nothing after death, I am referring to Jehova’s witnesses, I am sure that my father’s body is under ground, but his Soul lives up there, and that he is always near me, I can feel him through scents, like smoke, the cigarettes he used to smoke, the smell of his skin, one day I was home alone, I was in his room, and suddenly, I could smell a strong scent of the perfume I had in the bathroom, who could have possibly sprayed it, if not him, since I was home alone???


I know the meaning of these phenomena, I know it’s my father, who at any given time lets me understand that he is always near me.


A big hug my dear


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Smelling cigarette smoke experience


Smelling smoke


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