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Fairies exist

Fairies exist a sign from a fairy


Fairies exist : I read that fairies read our thoughts, a few months ago I happened to find 1 and 2 cent coins together on the road, I thought it was a sign from my Guardian Angel; in that moment, I was also expecting a sign from some fairy, I often found white mother of pearl buttons whenever I thought of them; well, it seems impossible, but a few steps later, thinking of the classic white mother of pearl buttons, I indeed found one, in the middle of the street, as I was going to buy the newspaper, I was shocked, it had only been about 30 seconds since I had thought of it, and so I arrived to the belief that, as well as our Guardian Angel who is next to us, we also have fairies, but this is only for those who believe in them, for those who love and respect nature and its animals, for those who work to protect our environment, for those who use eco-friendly products etc.


I read several books on the wonderful and fascinating world of fairies, and for those who approach them and seek to make contact with them, know that over the course of time, fairies will understand who they are dealing with, and as you gain their confidence, only then they will reveal themselves, I on the other hand have just received a little sign.


The Guardian Angel loves its protégé with unconditional love, while fairies first put the person in front of them to the test, for example, if they really care about the environment and animals, and then suddenly they will bless that person’s life.


Lastly, I wanted to tell you, that fairies like to be portrayed, and like to be talked about, to better help us.


I thank you as always for your kindness and attention, I am sending you a tight hug


Fairies exist a sign from a fairy is the testimonial from Rossella


Fairies exist the sign from a fairy


Fairies exist


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