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Consolation after death

Consolation after death signs and manifestations


Consolation after death : our beloved departed ones are always with us and the signs we receive are manifestations of love, they send us signs of consolation after death; after the death of my beloved mother, who left very prematurely from a bad disease, and to whom all of us were very close, my sister and I could not be consoled, we cried constantly, we felt empty inside, so much pain, and to overcome this it takes time, a lot of it.


Apart from the wonderful dream I had, which I told you about (The Soul never dies), I started to find hearts at the bottom of my cup of coffee, every single morning and over a long period of time, sometimes it was a single heart, sometimes double, and triple hearts, I took so many pictures of them, I used to find them even beforehand, from my Angels, but it was different, now it could only be my mother, my mother loved coffee, when we were young, in the morning we had to go to school, she would come to wake us up with a freshly made cup of coffee and she died with a yearning for coffee, since she had not been allowed to drink coffee for the previous 5 weeks!


She wanted to console us that way making us understand that she is always with us, she would make me find little hearts in the coffee and my sister would find little butterflies, every single day, even inside the house, they were always around her, and it went on for a very long time even she felt that this was coming from our mother.


Often I talk to her as if she is still alive, and in my mind it’s as if I hear her answers.


Dearest Sara, I have been following you for years, I assure you that ever since I lost my mother, your testimonials have been helping me a lot, and I am sure that it’s the same for all others who read them, they heal one’s heart.


I am sending you a hug Sara


Consolation after death signs and manifestations are phrases from Annarella


Consolation after death signs and manifestations


Consolation after death


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