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Nothing happens by accident

Nothing happens by accident phrases


Nothing happens by accident : I had lost my first son during the third month of pregnancy, I was a little depressed, I had a dream, which I will remember forever; I was looking out from a balcony, I was admiring the sunset on the sea and the fishing boats heading out to fish; suddenly I went back into this unfamiliar house, the palace of my dream exists in reality and I had always admired it because it faces the sea, I felt compelled to go to a wonderful light, in which I saw my grandmother, who had passed away many years prior.


I motioned her to come to the balcony to look at the sunset with me, but she did not have time for that, she just wanted to know how I was feeling, I talked to her about my lost pregnancy, and I asked her if I was going to be pregnant again, the gynecologist had slightly discouraged me, in his opinion I was going to need a bit of time; my grandmother put a hand on my shoulder and, while nodding, she said “You are pregnant already”.


In fact it was correct, even though I did not even know it yet.


I never dreamt of her again, but after 27 years, my daughter’s age, I actually did walk into that house, because it’s the home of the mother of a very dear friend of mine I met recently.


When I was standing in that balcony, during sunset, with the fishing boats heading out, I sincerely interpreted it as a confirmation of her closeness, nothing happens by chance.


Nothing happens by accident phrases are the words from Anna


Nothing happens by accident phrases


Nothing happens by accident


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