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Angels are near us

Angels are near us experiences


Angels are near us : yes the Angels are near us, it happened many years ago, about 35, my son was very small and we were heading home from school, we were in my car, I was approaching a crossing where I had the right of way, my car started slowing down by itself while the engine continued to rev high, it was the strangest thing, I was baffled, I could not understand what was happening, as if someone had stood in front of my car to stop it, and it almost did.


About 200 feet from the crossing, a car literally flew at an incredible speed without stopping at the sign.


I felt sick, my legs started trembling.


After a minute my car started driving normally again, without any problem.


I believe an Angel, or my little sister who had passed a few years earlier, wanted to save us.


Every time I think of it, I get emotional


Angels are near us experiences are the words from Vanda


Angels are near us experiences


Angels are near us


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