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To love until the end of time

To love until the end of time experiences


To love until the end of time : I read a wonderful experience on your website, Sara, I too have had the privilege of being next to my parents at the time of their departure from earth; I know for sure that my father wanted me to be there at that time, he had been in the hospital for a month already, he was at the final stage; I had just arrived, I went to visit him every day, I would spend hours with him, sometimes I would spend the night there, alternating with my brother, I barely had time to give him a kiss for soon after he turned white, put his hand on his heart, looked at me, and that’s how he departed, with his eyes fixed on me.


When I lost my mother, it was different, I lived in a different city, and I would visit her every year for the holidays.


That year she had taken a turn for the worse and I was praying intensely to be able to make it in time to see her alive still and so it was, I arrived at her bedside, I spent 11 days and nights next to her.


During the last morning, I had her in my arms, I told her how much I loved her, but for her the time had come to reunite with all her loved ones who were waiting for her, she left serenely, and conveyed all her serenity to me, it’s something I cannot describe with words.


A little while later I dreamt of a person who was dear to me, who had passed away previously, and she told me that my parents were together, they had loved each other very much and had joined again on the other side.


To love until the end of time are the experiences from Sara


To love until the end of time


To love until the end


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