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The paranormal exists stories

The paranormal exists stories of visions


The paranormal exists stories : this is my story, my paranormal story and now I know that paranormal exists, listen to me, a few years ago, I was working in a shop, I saw a lady I knew, she had been a close friend of the family for a very long time, she was coming toward me to greet me; I returned the greeting by walking toward her, and that’s when my coworkers asked me “who are you talking to?, there is nobody!”, and that’s how I found out that she had passed away.


That evening I asked my mother to call that lady, since it was quite lady my mother decided to call her the following day, the daughter answered the call, saying that her mother had passed away the day before, in the afternoon, I saw her about half an hour after she had passed away.


Later on, I asked the daughter what clothes her mother had been wearing, and she was dressed exactly as I had seen her.


It’s been six years since this happened, but I still think about it all the time.




The paranormal exists stories of visions are the experiences from Cettina


The paranormal exists stories of visions


The paranormal exists


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