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Our loved ones protect us

Our loved ones protect us experiences


Our loved ones protect us : good evening, I read several testimonials talking about feeling presences or even seeing them, about reality that our loved ones protect us, those are my experiences; when my second child was born, 18th June 2015, my father had already flown away from us for almost two and a half years; since both myself and my first child almost lost our lives because of first of all doctors’ negligence and second of the inhumanity of people, I was very worried; on the night of 17th June, as I drove to the hospital to give birth to my second child, I found the very same obstetrician who had made me suffer so very much.


Maybe it was because I had prayed my father so much to make sure everything would go well, but when my child was born, I saw a silhouette leaving the room, and in the delivery room I could smell the scent of my father!


Now, I don’t know if I just let the situation influence me, or what it was, but I can tell you that somehow my father was there with us!


He saw his nephew being born, he made sure that everything went as it was supposed to, and then he left!


When I told people what had happened, many told me that it was the fruit of my imagination, but I assure you that he was there, and before he vanished, I did see a light, I felt safe, and I so wish I could see my father often to fill the void that he left behind.


It’s been a while now since I dreamed of him, or since I felt his presence, I wanted to tell him what I had not been able to tell him.


Our loved ones protect us experiences are the words from Consuelo


Our loved ones protect us experiences


Our loved ones protect us


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