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Seeing dead people while awake

Seeing dead people while awake experiences


Seeing dead people while awake : it happened to me when I was 14 years old, I was with my dad at his kiosk, it was about 14, in the middle of the summer, there was nobody around, then I saw an old lady, she told me she had no money but would I please give her a glass of water, and I replied “but of course madam, don’t worry about the money”.


That’s when she told me she was the mother of one my father’s friends, she left, she thanked me and in a split second I could not see her anymore, I looked for her with my gaze because the road was long, and I could not understand where she could have gone.


A few hours later the lady’s son arrived at our kiosk for a coffee, and I told him what had happened, he turned white and asked me if I was sure, he showed me a picture of her, it was her, but she had died years before.


Her son hugged me, and we cried together.


To date, when I think about it, it seems impossible, I did not know her, why did she show up to me of all people???


Seeing dead people while awake are the experiences from Barbara


Seeing dead people while awake


Seeing dead people


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