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Angels protectors of children

Angels protectors of children experiences


Angels protectors of children : children are protected by Angels, every child has an Angel protector, when they are in danger they intervene somehow, even through other people, and I am sure of it, I can testify that when my son was about 10/11 months old, he truly risked losing his life.


I had never wanted to do it before, but that morning I decided to put him in a wheely round walker and keep him near me while I was cleaning the house, I don’t know how, but one of the wheels went beyond the first step down the stars, and because of his weight, the walker had tilted down, I reached out immediately to grab it but it was too late, powerless, I watched him fall down the stairs in his walker, which flipped over several times until it landed at the bottom of the stairs, my screams of desperation must have been heard all the way up to the sky, I was convinced I would find him dead; I did not even have the courage to look at him!


Incredibly, I would say miraculously, the child was unharmed, it was impossible not to hit your head with the way he had fallen, but evidently his Guardian Angel intervened to save him, I am convinced of it.


Angels protectors of children are the words from Annarella


Angels protectors of children


Angels protectors


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