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Children and death

Children and death experiences


Children and death : hello, I lost my sister late last August, she was very young, she left behind a small girl who will turn seven in November; so I shall speak to you about children and death; a few days after the funeral, we were all together in my parent’s house, the little one was crying desperately, she wanted to at least phone her mother, they were devastating times, at one point, my own daughter called me to one side, she is five months older than my niece, and she whispered to me that she had just seen aunt Stefy in the hallway, she was looking at us, I am sure it was true, my daughter is extremely sensitive and, sadly, I have already had to explain too many things about death.


She knows that there is life after death, she remembers flying in the sky to choose who her mother was going to be, and so she is sad about death, but she has a certainty that one day we will meet again; I have always had this conviction and I have passed it on to my daughter.


Children and death experiences are the words from Simonetta


Children and death


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