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Receiving help through dreams

Receiving help through dreams experiences


Receiving help through dreams : when I was a teenager I had to make a health related decision, whether to undergo a surgery and never have children in the future, or undergo a risky treatment with the possibility of doctors not being able to cure me or easily find a cure for me; my mother had already passed a few years before, she came to visit me in a dream, scolding me because I still had not brought my own daughter to the cemetery to let my child visit her, I replied “you know very well I will not be able to have children” and she said “oh really? and that baby girl on your bed, who do you think that is?”


I decided to let them treat me, without even asking the doctor about possible future pregnancies, because I knew that an Angel was watching upon me and so, four years later, the little girl I had seen was born.


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Receiving help through dreams are phrases from Teresa


Receiving help through dreams


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