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Comforting words during an illness

Comforting words during an illness experiences


Comforting words during an illness: one night this summer I suddenly felt sick; I was on the road with my children and their families, I was sweating profusely and I could not stand up, then we went back home and I went straight to bed; at 4 in the morning the calvary began, every 15 minutes I had to go to the bathroom to vomit, until I had no strength left and I just vomited on the floor, then I no longer recognized anybody, and they told me I started talking to someone who was not there, my mother and my husband Rolando, both had passed away.


They called the emergency service and after a brief visit they took me to the hospital.


At the emergency room they noticed my condition was serious, my pressure was very low, my pulse extremely high, high fever and dehydrated, I spent the night there, every square inch of my skin hurt, I was calling my mother and Rolando “come get me”.


Then, suddenly, a figure next to my bed showed up, I naturally assumed it to be that of a nurse, but I could not see the face, it was like a shadow, it took my right hand, and caressed it, telling me “calm down, be good”, I asked for water but she was not even trying to give it to me, she kept repeating the same words, while caressing me.


In the morning, when the nurse arrived, I asked her why during the night, when I had repeatedly asked for water, they never gave it to me; she replied “madam, you were very sick last night, but you never asked anybody for water, also because there are only two of us during the night shift and we certainly did not spend the whole night next to you”.


I never gave any more thought to what had happened, then one day, suddenly, it all came back to me, and that’s when I understood that it had been a visit from the other side, I could not tell if it was a man or a woman, because the voice did not have a male or female timber.


When they moved me from the emergency ward to a regular room, every night, between my bed and that of my roommate, I always saw a lot of people, I did not know anybody, they were silent and very serious figures, everything lasted until I went back home.


I was saved by a miracle, they could not understand what my issue was, all they knew was that I had had an infection caused by a virus that had invaded my entire body, I thought I was not going to pull through, even the doctors agreed normally I feel completely sick when I have just one line of fever, during those days my fever was 40/41 degrees.


God wanted to give me a gift of another possibility and I thank Him from the bottom of my heart.


Comforting words during an illness are the words from Bruna


Comforting words during an illness experiences


Comforting words during an illness


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