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Communicating with the departed

Communicating with the departed experiences


Communicating with the departed : my grandmother passed away in February 1990, my son had just turned two, since he was born in November 1987; it was a Saturday morning and I had had a strange dream, one of many, I dreamt I got up, I was going into the kitchen, the radio was on and a ballroom song was playing, at the sink was my grandmother, who had passed three weeks earlier, washing the dishes.


I had the bad habit of never washing the dishes in the evening, and my grandmother never liked that.


In fact, reproaching me with her usual sweetness, she told me “you really can’t shake this bad habit of yours” she dried her hands and walked toward me, saying “shall we dance?”, speaking in her venetian dialect, obviously, since she could not speak one word of Italian; she taught me how to ballroom dance when I could not yet walk, she would pick me up and we would spin around at the rhythm of the music.


I could feel her hands, I was crying copiously, knowing that she was dead, how was this possible?


Then she told me she had to go, that she was “a newbie”, and she did not have much time, I saw her leave through a swathe of light, she told me she was well and that she would always be near me.


When I woke up, I was really crying, my son got up from his bed and ran into the kitchen.


He was standing by the door, very disappointed, he said “but wasn’t great grandmother just there washing the dishes?, she was there, I saw her, then she was dancing with you”


Did we have the same dream?


We saw grandmother again over the years, I probably have thousands of stories linked to her.


Even my daughter, how had never met her, turns to her whenever she has a difficult time, grandmother has been there for her more than once, our wonderful Angel.


Communicating with the departed experiences are the words from Monica


Communicating with the departed experiences


Communicating with the departed


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