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Goodbye to my dead dog

Goodbye to my dead dog phrases


Goodbye to my dead dog : I want to tell you about my sister’s little dog; my sister was on holiday in the region of Abruzzo, Italy, she did not normally take her dog with her, but this time she wanted him with her.


Last Sunday my sister had been invited for dinner by some cousins of my brother in law, she almost did not want to go, precisely because of her little dog, but since my other sister and my nephews were going to stay in the house, they told her to relax, that they were going to take good care of the dog, she was not going to be able to escape because of the gate.


However, late in the evening, they fell asleep, and the dog managed to escape, they still do not know how it managed to do it, since everything was perfectly closed and yet it managed to run outside, and was run over by a car.


The following day, while my sisters and my nephews were eating with the children, my nephew’s little daughter, who is 3 years old, told her mother “mum, look, in the Sky there is a beautiful star, and next to the star is our Star, looking at us”, my sister’s little dog’s name was Star, imagine the reaction from my sisters and my nephews.


And this is not all.


My sister told me everything that had happened before her departure from Abruzzo yesterday, before leaving she went close to the beach where my nephews had buried my dog, to say goodbye to him and to thank him for all the joy he had gifted to them in all the years, and when my sister got up, anguished from the pain, she found many little prints of paws on the sand next to her, and she was left literally speechless, she took pictures, it’s truly incredible, I am sure that our little Star was right there next to my sister, and then my sister and my niece found two little heart shaped white rocks.


To me this is a major sign that little Star sent to my sister.


Goodbye to my dead dog phrases are the words from Laura


Goodbye to my dead dog phrases


Goodbye to my dead dog


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