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The Love Of God Is Wonderful

The Love Of God Is Wonderful experiences


The love of God is wonderful : dear Sara Luce yes the Love of God is wonderful, this is my experience, I had a sister whom I loved very much, I had had two spontaneous abortions and while I was suffering through those events, my sister was close to me, then she fell ill, a cancer robbed her from me, it took her away within a month; I was devastated, I just wanted to die, nothing made sense to me anymore, I had forwarded a request for adoption and I asked God for a pact, if my sister recovered from her cancer I would relinquish my request for adoption, I also wanted God to make me sterile and in exchange I would have looked after my sister, but sadly it did not end that way.


She died, but the nice thing is that, a month later, my sister showed up to my mother-in-law through a dream, she appeared to be holding a baby in her arms, she told my mother-in-law that God rewarded me and this child was mine, and his name must be Daniele, since her name was Daniela.


My mother-in-law did not tell me anything for fear of upsetting me because I was continuing to have abortions, but my sister reassured her that the baby was there, and that I just needed to rest.


Five months later my mother-in-law told me about the dream she had had, at first I was confused at the news, then when the evening came, I started to pray, and I called on my sister.


Well, she came through in a dream to me, telling me that I must take care of my child, that he was delicate, I replied “you knew all along” she replied “of course I did, and now, go and be happy, God rewarded you, this child is yours, I will always be near you, and I will be your Angel, Daniele’s Guardian Angel”.


When the date for my cesarean procedure became nearer, she was with me, I prayed, and I felt a cloak of love all over me, hugging me; my child was born on 19th August, my sister had passed away the year before, on 20th August, however I had asked the surgeon to perform the cesarean on the 19th.


A few days later I had a dream, my son had regurgitated his food and my mother-in-law told my sister that the child was getting all dirty, but my sister reassured her “don’t worry, everything is all right, it will go away”


Well, when my son was in the cot at the hospital, he regurgitated his food and was suffocating, they called the doctor and they took my son to get checked, and this is how they discovered that he was suffering from palatoschisis, which meant that, fortunately, my son’s roof of his mouth was formed, but that there was a little fissure, when my son was two years old he underwent a surgical procedure and everything returned to normal.


When my son was about to undergo the procedure to correct the malformation of his palate, the day before the surgery I prayed, asking God to protect my son during the surgery, and the guide the hands of the surgeon so that everything would go well, and suddenly, I heard a voice coming from inside me, saying that during the surgery there would be a whole team of Angels over my son, and that everything was going to go well and so it was, the surgery took three hours and it was successful, and a month later my son spoke his very first words, mom and dad.


My son is very healthy, he is 14 now, can you imagine?, and I know that my sister is his Guardian Angel, the son who arrived after 13 years of marriage, after the death of my sister.


Every day that goes by I thank God, because He loves us and protects us and I am happy, also because I know my sister is always with us, she always tells me “when you pray, speak directly with the Celestial God, and have faith”


I will leave this testimonial for you


The Love Of God Is Wonderful experiences are the words from Laura


The Love Of God Is Wonderful experiences


The Love Of God Is Wonderful


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