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Speaking with our departed ones

Speaking with our departed ones experiences


Speaking with our departed ones : they are with us, I have confirmation of this, of speaking with our departed ones, this is my experience, my brother was about to get married, on that same day, in the morning, I went to get my hair done, and as I was waiting for the hairdresser to open, a lady of a certain age arrived, a good looking lady, what caught my attention about her was a certain light that she possessed, her hair was snow white and glossy, her kindness was infinite.


As I waited, she told me that today was the day for an important wedding, her beloved niece was getting married, and after we chatted a little bit, we discovered we were going to the same wedding; she claimed she was the maternal grandmother of my sister-in-law (the one who was getting married that very day).


Well, I said, I will see you then, I will come to say hello.


At the wedding, during the break for lunch, I started looking for the lady I had met, I could not see her, and I could not find her, and so I went to my sister in law’s mother, asking where her own mother was sitting, at which point she gave me an incredulous look and said to me “my mother died two years ago”, I told her everything, she took out a picture of her that she was carrying, and I confirmed that it was her.


The grandmother wanted to let them know, through me, since I did not know her, that she was also present that day.


And for the record, the important fact is that when I met her, I was not even alone, my sister was with me, and she confirmed the events.


Speaking with our departed ones experiences are the words from Caterina


Speaking with our departed ones experiences


Speaking with our departed ones


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