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What happens before you die

What happens before you die experiences


What happens before you die : an immense joy is what one feels when in contact with the other side, nothing more and nothing less, identical to what my father wrote, an immense joy is what he saw all around him; let me explain, my experiences of what happens before you die.


They were my father’s last few days here with us; of the 3 children, I was the only one who would approach him to ask who was that at the end of his bed that he claimed he could see; with his arm straight out, he would indicate, in order, the presence of his father, his mother, my own dear mother Pina, and my aunt Checca, other relatives would also alternate with my aunt, every time there would be up to 4 of them with him; only his father would speak to him, he was telling him to be calm, not to worry, that He loved him and had always loved him; Pina, my own mother, was smiling at him, did not speak, she was beautiful, a ray of sunshine was around her.


Every evening, when I asked him, he would answer the same way.


Dad had never had a good relationship with his father, when he was born, my grandfather was 55 years old, dad was the fifth child, my grandmother was his second wife, and there had not been a good rapport with her either, despite this, they were standing there, making sure that everything would be more serene and so it was.


On the last week of his life the doctors sent him back home, again, only I would ask him, and he would answer me, he would describe things for me, to me it was pure joy because I had come into contact with my mother, she was there, my father was able to describe her to me.


3 days before his passing, he pointed to a very specific point in his marital bedroom, and said “do you see that straight line?, pointing to a little white cupboard with his index finger and his arm straight out, well, above it are mom and dad; Pina is below my mother, but Pina is falling, you need to pick her up”, I turned around and I could not see anything, I said to my father “dad, I don’t’ see anything?” he got annoyed with me and snapped “well, how can you not understand!, it’s not mathematics, it’s a whole different subject, it’s geography”.


And so, still unable to see anyone, I got up, and I looked for pictures of his parents and of my mother, I knew where to find them,. I headed for a little room where there was a box with all the pictures, I took my grandmother’s prayer card, then I walked to his study to get a picture frame with my grandfather, the picture of my mother was on the dresser, I took that one too, I put all three pictures on the little white cupboard, I asked my father if that was to his liking.


He told me it was perfect, I smiled and sat next to him, my back toward the cupboard.


Then I asked dad if there were other relatives, he told me that Anna was there, she had gone over to check the furniture of her bedroom, aunt Anna had been a furnisher of antique furniture, I asked who Anna was, and he told me “aunt Anna, my sister”


Then he told me a sentence that apparently my mother asked him to convey to me, to allow me to accept their deaths.


“dad told me that above the stars there is a beautiful place, luminous, brilliant, it’s a different kind of light, my dear Flavia, over there everything is light, they are light, and I will also become light, and together with mom, dad, and Pina we will form a quadrilateral”, I asked him if Grandma Pina was my mother and he said yes, I asked him if she was speaking and he said “Pina does not speak, she smiles at me, her face is faint, it’s like a ray of light”, I asked him “Just like that of the Madonna?“, he said yes, she was so beautiful.


When I told all this to the priest, he said that it was a private message for me, I consider this the last gift from my parents.


What happens before you die experiences are the words from Flavia


What happens before you die


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