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The departed ones stay near us

The departed ones stay near us experiences


The departed ones stay near us : yes, I am sure, the departed ones stay near us, those are our experiences, after months of illness, in 2010 my mother left her earthly body; during her stay in the hospital, every morning I would go visit her, and in the afternoon, I would return there with my child, to try and recreate the kind of previous domestic environment where he would do his homework with his beloved grandmother.


Every evening, when we left, for fear it would be the last time, I would ask my son Davide “did you say goodbye to grandmother with a lot of love?, let’s say goodbye one more time”, and we would go back to kiss her one more time.


That night, I turned around toward her, I saw her smiling and waving at us with her hand, as if she knew, that night her soul returned to the sky, the world fell on top of us, it was devastating, I could not stop the tears for months and months, I was restless, I was going to the cemetery every day.


One night, while Davide was asleep, I sat next to him on his bed, I was serene, pensive, suddenly, I noticed a globe of golden light on my left, next to my child; far from being scared, I thought it was the reflection of the moon through the window, but it did not make any logical sense, then the globe started bouncing to the feet of the bed, until to came to my right hand side, I observed it calmly, and inside it I could see the last image of my mother, in her sick body, where she was smiling and waving with her hand.


From that day, I felt peace and I attribute it to her, I let her go, she keeps on giving us infinite love, as always, she is close to us, and she helps us overcome difficulties in life.


Thank you


The departed ones stay near us experiences are the words from Ross


The departed ones stay near us experiences


The departed ones stay near us


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