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Angels can help us

Angels can help us experiences


Angels can help us : Angels exist, I have always believed in them, many years ago they saved my life, I was driving to Italy for my holidays with my children and my ex-husband, there was a lot of backed up traffic, my ex-husband felt like stopping at the next gas station; we were just in time to pull over to go to the gas station because, right after that, a major car accident took place, involving many cars, there were several casualties, and if we had not stopped we would not have avoided that serious accident, we were left speechless, we felt sad for the poor victims, and thanked God for making us stop at the gas station.


A few weeks ago, something wonderful happened to my son; he and a friend of his were stopped at a red traffic light, they did not realize when the light had turned green, they were both feeling frozen, by the time they realized it the light had turned red again, which was just as well, because right in that moment a car was passing and it would have certainly hit them directly, had they driven on at the green light, they would not have survived.


And so, my son told me “mom, I am sure it was the Angels that saved us, if I am still here it’s thanks to them”.


You know, Sara, the thought that he used to not believe in anything, then there was a period where he even wanted to convert to Islam, but I kept on talking to him about Angels and the Madonna, because the Madonna had saved me from a real danger while I was in France, I will tell you some other time, but my son, as I was saying, really did not want to know anything about Catholicism, and yet I kept on talking about Angels, and so he finally opened up a little bit, until this episode that happened to him, and I hope that he will keep on believing in Angels.


I am sending you a tight hug, my dear, and we are all always thankful for our Angels


Angels can help us experiences are the words from Laura


Angels can help us experiences


Angels can help us


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