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Seeing white smoke

Seeing white smoke transparent meaning


Seeing white smoke : dear Sara, after reading countless testimonials, I am here as well, I shell tell you about seeing white smoke; first I wanted to thank you for the amazing site you run, because as I read the testimonials from people who lost their loved ones, I also draw a lot of comfort, reading your site daily helps me, it’s a beautiful thing, at least for me.


Dear Sara, in September 2014 my mother left me following a bad illness, a malignant melanoma took her away from me at the young age of 50, it is hard, very hard living without a mother, you feel lost easily, you no longer have that person who understands everything about you even with just one look at you.


Fortunately, faith helped me feel her again, she sends me signs, I see things that I never thought I would see, seeing the little things that she shows us, such as the keys hanging on the door suddenly moving, cold air that I suddenly feel all over my body, a presence on my bed, as if she is sitting on my side while I sleep, but I really want to tell you what happened to me yesterday.


I was listening to a song from Whitney Houston, run to you, and as I was humming it, I must say that this song was one of my mother’s favorite songs, well, I happened to like those three words “run to you”, they left an impression in my mind, to the point where I considered tattooing those words on me, but, since I did not know what they meant, I looked them up on Google and the translation of those three words read RUNNING TO YOU, I was left speechless by it; do you know why?


Soon after my mother passed, I had a tattoo done, with the words “mom I will run to you” and so it was all destiny that I should have already had that tattoo done, and she gave me the confirmation, then, from the window, I saw some white smoke, light, transparent, I was sitting on the sofa and the white smoke, light and transparent, gently slid to the ground, then suddenly disappeared, and that’s when I felt some fresh air on my face, as if it had just caressed me.


What can I say, I believe in this, if you have faith and a clean Soul, you can feel your loved ones as if they were really here; I know they are here, I know my mother is always with me, and so, listen to them, talk to them, believe it, they live in us.




I hug everybody with all my heart, I am near you, a big hug to you my dearest Sara, thank you


Seeing white smoke transparent meaning are the words from Alessia



Seeing white smoke transparent meaning


Seeing white smoke


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