Le Parole degli Angeli
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Guardian Angels protect us

Guardian Angels protect us experiences


Guardian Angels protect us : yes, Guardian Angels protect us, they help us, I am sure; years ago, I found myself walking down the usual road I took to go visit my mother, when I felt a hand pushing me back, a touch, a light but firm push back, like a hand on my shoulder.


I ignored the warning.


A little further down, again on the usual road, once again I felt compelled to change my current route with another light push, and so, this time, I took a different road than usual.


When I arrived at my mother, she told me “oh, I was so worried, there was a violent fight on the bridge!, the road I normally take.


So yes, my Guardian Angel protected me, and even saved me from a few punches!


Guardian Angels protect us experiences are the words from Laura


Guardian Angels protect us


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