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Our Guardian Angel helps us

Our Guardian Angel helps us experiences


Our Guardian Angel helps us : today I tell you about my experiences, my testimonials about our Guardian Angels help us, when my son was about 4 years old, he was walking down the stairs that did not have a full-length protecting wall yet, to go down, he would lean from one side to the next, putting his little hands either on the wall or on the rail, and at one point he leaned over the side with the wall, but realized too late that the wall was not there, there was nothing to support him.


I was a little further away, I quickly noticed the danger and in a fraction of a second, I bolted under the stair to catch his fall, I landed on my knees, I even hurt myself a little, but he landed safely in my arms, a moment before he would have landed on his head, because he was literally falling headfirst.


He was not hurt, just a big scare for both of us, I cried a lot because I realized that someone had intervened to save him, to date I still do not understand how I managed to fly under the stairs the way I did, I am convinced that his Guardian Angel intervened through me.


Our beloved Angels are always with us, they protect us often, they save our lives.


Our Guardian Angel helps us experiences are the words from Annarella


Our Guardian Angel helps us


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