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Moments before dying

Moments before dying experiences help with car on fire


Moments before dying : this is my experience, my moments before dying, this is my story, I was going home for the holidays, the weather was getting worse, when suddenly, I was blinded by the beams of the car behind me, and I drove into the back of the car in front of me; I was shocked, confused, my foot was completely on the brake pedal and yet I felt as if I was turning as I was hitting the car in front of me; then, as I looked ahead, I saw them, two vehicles, a car and a truck were driving at full speed toward me, I heard the screeching of their brakes, they were about 15 meters away from me, I knew I was going to die within a few seconds, I was aware of it, it was the only possible outcome.


In that moment my world froze, I saw a lighting streak of light, something brighter than the sun, and then complete silence, in the light it looked as if there were diamonds, sparkling and falling all around me, I was turning, turning, floating, I felt a warm, comfortable, pleasant sensation.


I regained consciousness and I understood that my car was leaning over the side of the overpass, the airbag was compressed, and I suffered cuts from the windows, I was fine, but my head was hurting from the impact.


My car was in flames, I could not get out from the door because the car was leaning heavily on one side; a tall and hefty man came running to my side, he had a well-trimmed beard, a soft voice, and strong hands, he lifted me up from the door like a toddler, and set me down away from the fire, he let me sit down and told me that I was going to be fine, and everything was going to turn out all right.


His manners, the way he spoke, his voice somehow reminded me of my grandfather, in a way I can not quite describe


When the fire rescue and the police arrived, the man disappeared, and I have not seen him sinc, there is no reference to him in any of the reports, nobody saw him, I don’t even know if he was real.


And yet for me he was very much real, he plucked me to safety, away from a car wreck on fire, he saved my life.


Moments before dying experiences help with car on fire are the words from Riccardo



Moments before dying experiences help with car on fire


Moments before dying


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