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Don’t cry for the departed

Don’t cry for the departed experiences


Don’t cry for the departed : let me tell you my story, yes, don’t cry for the departed, I tell you my experiences, on the 29th of November 2004 she left this world for a better world, she had been with me for the last 17 years, I let you imagine my pain, even if I knew that the world she was going to was going to make her much happier; it was the 25th of May 2005, it would have been her birthday on this earth, I worked in a supermarket, I was tending the deli counter; it was a rather calm afternoon, there were few clients in the store, at one point a lady I had never seen before approached my counter, I remember thinking that her mannerism somewhat reminded me of my own mother.


When she was close to me, without any foreword, she said “enough crying, your mum is happy” I was left literally petrified, “it’s time you stopped” she said, then she reached down and took something out of her bag on the floor, it was 5 red roses, she gave them to me, and told me to go to the cemetery and put them on her grave, she told me other things that I frankly do not remember, because I was so confused I was not understanding anything.


I do remember quite well the last thing she told me “do you know my name?, Silvana”, that’s my mother’s name.


I never saw her again, I don’t know who she was, an Angel maybe?, my mother?, I am not able to answer it, I do know that this experience will never abandon me, until the day I will reunite with my beloved mother.


Don’t cry for the departed experiences are the words from Laura


Don’t cry for the departed experiences


Don’t’ cry for the departed


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