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Help from Jesus and Angels

Help from Jesus and Angels experiences


Help from Jesus and Angels : goodnight everyone, this evening I will tell you my testimonial about the help from Jesus and Angels, I had promised the Angels that if everything turned out ok, I would have told this story to everyone; a few weeks ago my daughter called me because she was not feeling well, she was at a seaside town, she was sick and I agreed to go and pick her up, it was almost a four hour drive; the car was not running well and that morning one of the headlights had just burnt out, however my son and I headed out anyway, it was nine in the evening, I put my faith in Jesus.


We plugged the GPS so we would not get lost, and maybe arrive a little sooner, after two hours of driving, the GPS took us to a mountain area, there were no lights, the uphill road was scary, the car was refusing to drive uphill, it just did not have the power to do it, the road was very narrow and it was getting even steeper, there were no people around, there were some signs suggesting drivers not to drive faster than 20 km/hour, on one side of the mountain was a steep precipice, I was really scared, my son was giving me courage.


I was continuously praying to my Angels, we were climbing higher and higher, at one point, in front of our car we saw a white dog, very tired, it was barely walking, we passed it and drove past a few more curves, it was one curve after the other, then we met once again the very same dog that we had seen previously, it was still walking slowly, the Angels were guiding us, that made me feel a little calmer.


After that we started driving downhill, a scary downhill ride, it was worse than the uphill part, we had to stop every now and then, the car was not running well, I still prayed constantly, if the car stopped while we were on that mountain, who was going to find us?, there was not a soul anywhere.


Suddenly we saw a car in front of us, it was going in the same direction, after two hours we finally left the mountain behind us, and our car was driving perfectly well.


Without the help of Jesus and His Angels, we would never have made it to my daughter.


Infinite thanks to my Angels


Help from Jesus and the Angels experiences is the story from Lucia


The help from Jesus and the Angels experiences


The help from Jesus and the Angels


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