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Love is born from the heart

Love is born from the heart testimonials


Love is born from the heart : yes, Love is born from the heart and this is my experience, the death of a loved one is difficult to accept, after my mother passed, in 2005, I went crazy, I wanted to die just to know where she had gone; I wrote her a letter which I read at the end of the Mass of the 30-day anniversary of her death; the following morning she came to me in a dream, and she told me that she was alive, that she had always been at home next to dad; she was not dead, she was alive, and to be sure, I touched her hand, it was warm, and I kissed her neck.


She often came to visit me, we talked constantly, she would let me see things that were going to happen in the future, but back then I did not give it much importance, I could not interpret them.


Every time she came to me in a dream, I would wake up happy in the morning, I felt an immense joy, as if I had just eaten something delicious, I always had signs of her presence.


My mother has always been next to me, until my father passed away.


I will tell you about a dream that I had years ago, but that only this summer I actually understood.


My mother and the people present in that room were all wearing a white blouse and grey skirts, that day she was going to receive a prize, they rewarded her with a pretty necklace with a pendant in the shape of a heart, as she was coming near me, I told her “mum what a beautiful golden necklace, what a nice gift they gave you” and she would repeat to me that it was not real gold but gold from Bologna, it had no value, the pendant was the only thing of value, because from the heart comes love, love for the family, for children, everything else was fake gold and had no value, when she was right in front of me, I extended my hand to put the pendant on the palm of my hand but it was no longer a heart, it was a cross with one arm missing.


The day my father died, my brother found in the jewelry box a cross with a missing arm, he asked me what it meant, but I did not connect it with the dream I had had, exactly a month following the death of my father, the 3 of us, siblings, met at the house of my parents to divvy up what jewelry there was and anything else that needed to be split between us, my sister wanted a gold necklace from my mother, it was a necklace form the fifties, very heavy and once again I did not connect this even to my dream.


During Easter of that year, I was in Calabria with my husband, we bought a 6-euros Easter egg at a discount store, when I opened it, I found a heart, it was just like the one in the dream, it was identical!, this time I did connect it with the dream, I was very emotional, my heart was beating so fast.


As I had mentioned earlier, my mother had been next to me until my father passed away, then I heard nothing else from her, my father came to me in a dream the day after I had physically punished my son, the youngest, he told me, with a smile on his lips “calm down!”


This is my testimonial


Love is born from the heart testimonials is the story from Flavia


Love is born from the heart testimonials


Love is born from the heart


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