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How to recognize signs from Angels

How to recognize signs from Angels experiences


How to recognize signs from the Angels : hello Sara, I wanted to share with all of you my wonderful experience with my beloved Angel, I recognize the signs from Angels; about two years ago, between September and October, something unexpected and wonderful happened to me; it was a period marked by sadness and discouragement because of my son’s failed attempt at going to live and work in her beloved Japan; he needed a work visa and he did not qualify for it because he had only been working small temporary jobs; as you know, over there they are very strict, unless you are earning an amount that is sufficient for you to survive there, they just send you home.


And so, he had to return home, full of sadness, he was slowly sliding into depression, he would not get out to look for a job here in Italy, not even to go and distract himself, it pained to see my 25 year-old son so depressed, not wanting to do anything! I prayed a lot for him, in between tears and discussion.


One Sunday I went to the usual Sunday Mass, at one point we were all standing up, I looked up and I saw a beautiful white feather, floating lightly like a snowflake, it floated right in front of me right before settling on to the bench in front of me, I felt like something like extending my arm, as if to pick that feather.


I cannot describe the sensation I felt in that instant, but I am sure that my beloved Angel was telling me not to worry.


At the end of November, a miracle happened, my son was contacted by the director of the Japanese school that he had been to the year before, offering my son the job of a young man who was about to leave because of a transfer.


My God so much emotion!, from one minute to the next my son found himself a good job that allowed him to live in his beloved Japan.


I don’t know for how long I was thanking my beloved Angel, crying!, to date, I still do, and I will continue forever. I thank the Universe and the Light that inhabits it.


With love and thankfulness.


How to recognize signs from the Angels experiences are the words from Anna


How to recognize signs from Angels experiences


How to recognize signs from Angels


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