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Time does not exist experiences

Time does not exist experiences with Angels


Time does not exist experiences : I had an important experience, now I Know that time does not exist, I believe time gets deformed when Angels intervene to help us, this is the explanation I gave myself, following the episodes I witnessed and that I am sharing with you; so, the first episode goes back 20 years ago, I was coming home from the night shift, I am a nurse, and my car was hit slightly by another car, and was pushed against a wall; as my car was about the crash against the wall, time slowed right down, and I had all the time to think about what to do, to grab the steering wheel really tight, and avoiding banging my head against the steering wheel or the windshield; as soon as the impact took place, then everything started happening at normal speed again.


The second time was about ten years ago, I was walking on the pavement, when above me, from one of the top floors of a building, a football was coming down at full speed, I was unaware of it, and then time slowed right down again, I saw the football miss me by a couple of centimetres from my face, it all happened really slowly, and when the football was at the level of my chest, time sped right back up again to normal speed, until the ball touched the ground, just a few centimetres and that ball would have crushed my skull!


The third and last time I was on an underground train in Paris with my companion, we were loaded with suitcases, standing up, in front of me was a tall young man, blond, very handsome looking, his skin was fair, he wore a blue jacket, he was carrying a violin in its case, which he wore over the shoulder, I was looking intensely at him, thinking that he could be an Angel, for he was so impossibly handsome, then the train arrived at our stop, and he moved next to the door to allow us to pass, my companion stepped off, I gave him my suitcases, and when I turned around the doors closed with me still inside them, that’s when the young man put his hands between the doors and forced them open, I got off the train, and that’s when the slow-motion mode started, I turned around to wave the young man goodbye, he gestured OK with his hand, I returned the gesture, then he gave me a gift, the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, not just on this world, I felt surrounded by love and my heart exploded with joy, all of this in slow motion, I realized that he was not from this world, then everything resumed at the usual pace, the doors closed and the metro train moved on, with the beautiful Angel on board, I will never forget it.


Time does not exist experiences with Angels are the words from Sara Giovanna


Time does not exist experiences


Time does not exist


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