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Natuzza Evolo testimonials

Natuzza Evolo testimonials a knot on my rosary bead


Natuzza Evolo testimonials : I want to share with you my experiences about Natuzza Evolo, a mystical figure, this in my testimonial, it was 2012, a crucial year for me due to unpleasant events that had taken place in my life; I was doing some shopping when I noticed a book about Father Pio and Natuzza Evolo, both mystical figures; I bought it out of curiosity, being a devoted faithful of Father Pio, but very sceptical about Natuzza Evolo; I remember that whenever I happened to read something about her on the media, I would always feel dubious about her authenticity; I started reading it, the more I read it the more I got passionate about it, to the point where I started crying, as I read about her life and her great gift, for having thought of her as a hoax.


I will explain that not long before then, I had been given a gift, a rosary purchased and blessed in Medjugorje, I immediately wore it, and as I kept on reading the book, and started asking Natuzza Evolo for forgiveness for what I had thought of her, I read up until the final chapter; in that chapter there was a testimonial of her grandson who explained how his grandmother would reveal her identity to those who spoke to her with a knot on a rosary bead.


Instinctively, I brought my hand on my neck, and clutched at my thin rosary, I was speechless for a moment, I ran to the mirror, and I saw a knot on one of the beads!, I assure you that when the rosary had been given to me THERE WAS NOTHING and it was mathematically impossible for a knot to form itself, the final crucifix would have never been able to pass through it.


I don’t know how long I stayed there crying, an eternity.


I am wearing that rosary on my neck all the time.


I don’t feel worthy of his protection, but my tears of regret were sincere.


In 2014 I too went to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage, sitting next to me on the bus was a lady I did not know, it turned out to be her niece.


Natuzza Evolo testimonials a knot on my rosary bead is the story from Anna


Natuzza Evolo testimonials a knot on my rosary bead


Natuzza Evolo testimonials


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