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Signs left by Angels

Signs left by Angels experiences


Signs left by Angels : today sweet Sara I tell you about signs left by Angels, those are my experiences, in 2001 my daughter gave birth to a little girl; one morning, they were both asleep, my niece was inside a cradle made of rattan and my daughter was in her bed; at one point, my daughter woke up but could not open her eyes or move, with great effort she managed to barely open her eyes for a little bit, long enough to see an Angel that was on her daughter’s cradle, it was looking at her sweetly, but when the Angel realized that she was watching in amazement, it disappeared, it all happened in just a few moments.


In our family we have always believed in these things, we are very catholic, practicing, this event managed to turn us into even more fervent believers!!


Signs left by Angels experiences is the testimonial from Bruna


Signs left by Angels


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