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Surprises from the Sky

Surprises from the Sky special meetings


Surprises from the Sky : I want to tell you of a meeting I had with an Angel, a special meeting, a surprise from the Sky; I was at the emergency room, I was waiting for my turn, I met a little elderly man who was sitting near me, he was holding a walking stick, he was very handsome, his eyes, full of light, made an impression on me and I will never forget them, he had the sweetest facial expression, at one point he said “I must thank you for all that you do for our brothers in need, for all the love that you give, without asking for anything in return”, at which point I stopped to listen to him, I did not believe he was actually talking to me because there were also other people around us, he realized I had not understood he was actually speaking to me, and so he got up, and he started to kiss my hand, I was shocked and would not allow him to do it, I simply asked him why he was paying me all those compliments, and he replied that not many people did what I did, and I fell silent.


When my turn arrived, I got up, and once again he, with much care and affection, told me “continue to be like you are now, and may God bless you”


When I went home, I shared with my mother the encounter I had just had, I described the man to her, and my mother said “the way you describe him, it sounds like your grandfather, your father’s father” whom I had never met.


My mother went to look for a picture of him, and it was exactly him!


This experience remained very strongly impressed into my heart.


Surprises from the Sky special meetings are the experiences from Vittoria


Surprises from the Sky special meetings


Surprises from the Sky


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