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Paradise description images experiences


Paradise description images experience : today I tell you about Paradise, images and description of Paradise that I saw, I too experienced what I read in the testimonial Meeting your loved ones after death and it happened when my father passed away; I found myself in a tunnel, I felt I was pushed to walk down the tunnel, and toward the end of it I saw the whitest of lights, it was not our usual kind of light, it was different, and I could breathe an air of peace.


Suddenly, I saw many people, all dressed in white, and in the middle, I saw my father, smiling, he said “why are you crying?, I am feeling good here, look, I am not alone!”


I could see that, there were souls of light all around, there were multitudes of them, they were immense!


In front of my father, on the other side, I was telling him, “dad, I am not leaving you, I am staying here with you, I can feel peace!” but he smiled at me and said “no, you must return to earth, you must care for your mother, stay near her, and tell your siblings the same, tell them I am well here, there are a lot of us!, pray for all of us!”


Then, in tears, I woke up, saying these exact words “dad let me stay here, I don’t want to leave you”


What I saw stayed in my heart.


Paradise description images experiences is the testimonial from Mariangela


Paradise description images experiences


Paradise description



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