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Getting in touch with spirits

Getting in touch with spirits experiences


Getting in touch with Spirits : to get in touch with Spirits, it often happened to me to be dreaming of dead people, it’s a very in touch with Spirits, it getting very often I don’t know who they are, but they give me messages to give to their loved ones, whom I actually do know; these experiences started a long time ago, everything happened from the first dream, let me share it with you.


Many years ago I had a dream, I was seated on a bench, in front of me was a young man, he was tall, well built, he was wearing an unusual sweater that was all the rage back in the sixties, his style was definitely old fashioned, I still remember him, it had orange and white stripes, followed by white and orange, this is how the sweater looked.


I looked at the young man and he said “who are you?”, at the beginning I did not even understand where I was, then I said “my name is Carla, who are you?”, he looked at me, he said his name, I believe it was Massimo, and he continued by saying, “I was killed, crushed by a tractor in the sixties” and he told me the story of how he had died, I stayed there listening to him for a while, I was surprised at first, then I asked him what he would like me to do, and he asked me to say hello to a person that lived in my small town, I asked for the name and last name.


When I woke up in the morning, I got up and I remembered the name and last name, this lady was quite old already, I had known her a long time, but there was no way I could have known what had happened to her brother, who died young, he was 16 years old.


When I visited her, and told her everything about my dream, and the appearance of this young man with his peculiar sweater, who asked me to say hello to her, she started to cry, she told me it was definitely her brother, I told her he wanted her to know that he was doing well.


This was the first “special” dream I had, from that moment I started dreaming of people I could not recognize, but who spoke to me and told me to send their love.


A hug to everyone.


Getting in touch with Spirits experiences are the words from Carla


Getting in touch with Spirits experiences


Getting in touch with Spirits


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