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Life beyond life in 2020

Life beyond life in 2020 experiences


Life beyond life in 2020 : dear Sara, now I know what is life beyond life, I want to tell you about an experience I had last June, in 2020, an experience that confirmed to me that there is life beyond life; I had a friend, she was a year younger than me, we had a very deep friendship, we were true friends, we grew up together, we saw each other every day, we shared everything, even the air we breathed; she left me last June, due to a tumor in her brain, we didn’t even have time to say goodbye to each other, it was an immense anguish for me.


I went to her funeral, after the funeral I drove back home, I parked the car under the spruce tree in front of my house, I did not get out of the car right away, I had the windows open and for a few moments I sat there, thinking about her, there was no breeze, no wind, suddenly I felt a gust of wind, even though the leaves around me were not moving, this gust covered me as if in an embrace that went all the way through to my bones, I felt the embrace, it was a deep embrace, I had the strange sensation, strange yet pleasant, that it was her, giving me one last embrace!


I whispered her name, but she flew away.


I miss that embrace very much, I shall never forget it, and I will keep it inside my heart forever.


Life beyond life in 2020 experiences is the testimonial from Milena


Life beyond life in 2020


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