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Children with nocturnal apnea

Children with nocturnal apnea experiences


Children with nocturnal apnea : hello Sara, I suffered from nocturnal apnea, I would like to share my experience with you, in the hope that, as I share it, it may be of help to others seeking answers; when I was a little girl I suffered from sleep apnea, most times I was able to wake up and catch my breath again, however, one night, that did not happen; I went to bed at the usual hour, and that’s when, in the middle of the night, I must have had another episode of sleep apnea; I remember I had a very vivid “dream”, I was so shaken from it that during the following days I started to draw it, I drew on dozens of sheets, which I would then hand all over my room, to try and relive the sensations I had felt, those sensations never happened again in my life.


Well, my “dream” took place in a mountain valley, I could not identify where it was, I was there with my parents, their friends and their children, we were having a pic-nic; the parents were seated around the fire, joking among themselves, while us, the younger ones, were running around on the field; suddenly I found myself standing in front of abandoned train tracks, rusty and hidden in the tall grass; I asked my friends to come to me, and I suggested we follow the tracks.


My friends and I started walking along the tracks, as if it was a trail, until we stood in front of a tunnel, a railway tunnel, it was dark and long, it had evidently abandoned for a long time; there was a plank to prevent people from entering, we could not get in; I invited my friends to keep walking in despite the barrier, since we are quite small after all and we could squeeze under the wooden plank, but my friends were quite hesitant to do it, and preferred to go back.


I entered the tunnel, I could see a light at the end of it, a light that made me curious and I was curious to reach it; when I managed to get to the other end of the tunnel, the scenery opening up in front of me was simply stunning, I was on the peak of a cliff vertically jetting into the sea, despite the fact that only earlier we were in a mountain valley, on its peak the meadow is completely hidden by a carpet of little flowers with very vivid colors, there was a light breeze and the sun was setting on my right hand side; I sat among the flowers, contemplating this fantastic place, I vividly remember the feeling of peace that I was experiencing, I was trying to recreate all that in my drawings.


After a little time I realized that it was very late, that my parents were waiting for me and it was time to go back; I really wanted to stay there forever, but I knew that I could not stay there anymore and I started going back on my steps; I don’t remember walking the same tunnel all the way back, not even the train tracks; all I remember is that I woke up suddenly and without breath, I fell asleep right back again, I was really hoping to go back to that place again.


At that time, I was 7-8 years old, now I am 24, and yet I still remember that cliff, it never abandoned me; every time I see a blocked railway my heart fills with melancholy, because nothing in my life has given me the same peace and the same serenity since then; I can tell you, however, that the experience left me with a profound passion for trains and railways, and those are the subject I am studying at University.


A hug to you,


Children with nocturnal apnea experiences is the testimonial from Eleonora


Children with nocturnal apnea experiences


Children with nocturnal apnea


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