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My Guardian Angel is always with me

My Guardian Angel is always with me experiences


My Guardian Angel is always with me : dear Sara, it’s me writing to you again, because I would like to tell you how I came into contact with my Guardian Angel, and now my Guardian Angel is always with me; those are my experiences; it was a very tense period of my life, full of worries, because both my parents had fallen ill within a short period of time, at that time I started to see a lot of white feathers on the ground, although I did not know what that meant.


I became curious about it, what did it all mean?, besides, I had also started to see very often the numbers 4, 44 and I started to look it up on the internet to find the meaning of it all, and that’s when I discovered your website and I found the answer, my Angel wanted to tell me that everything was going to be all right, and that He and the Angels were near me to help me, it was wonderful, I felt calm, and loved, and from that moment on I sought to have a closer contact with Him.


I started to ask him what his name was, and for many days I waited for an answer that did not arrive, then one morning, I was on the bus to go to work, I spelled out the question in my mind once again “what is your name?”, when my attention was drawn to a writing on a small wall where the name ARON was written.


Imagine my astonishment when I went to look up the meaning of that name, which I had never heard of before. ARON, in Hebrew, means MESSENGER, and I no longer had any doubts, it was Him, my Angel who follows me all the time and who is always with me.


My Guardian Angel is always with me experiences is the testimonial from Maria Letizia


My Guardian Angel is always with me experiences


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