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Toward the end of life

Toward the end of life experiences


Toward the end of life : today I tell you about my experiences toward the end of life, I believe 10 years ago I had a premonitory dream that I will never forget; let me tell you about it, one Wednesday night I had a dream, I was in a bar in my town, in front of the drinks bar; the barmaid told me to turn around because my mother was there, I shockingly replied that it was not possible because my mother was sick and had been bedridden for more than 4 years.


I turned around and sure enough I saw my mother, she was beautiful, younger, dressed in a white tunic and on top another small dress, sun yellow color, my mother was shining of her own light; I asked her what she was doing there, I also asked her if she was dead, my mother did not answer my questions and told me that she had come to give me her last kiss and asked me to let her go because she was tired.


She told me not to cry, and to look around me for the signs she would be sending me, she also told me that she was always going to be close to me.


I hugged her and told her not to leave me, that I still needed her.


I woke up in tears.


On the Friday my father called me telling me that he was looking at a doctor and that he wanted to speak with me urgently, I contacted him, he told me that he had tried everything, I did not even let him finish, I said “well, let her go, she is tired”, without remembering my recent dream; the doctor replied that he was in agreement with me; I went to my mother, praying, and in my thought, I asked her to wait for me, she did, and 10 minutes later my mother passed away in my arms; I dreamed of her for a year, and then after that nothing, sadly, however, I feel her close to me!


Toward the end of life experiences is the testimonial from Maria Teresa


Toward the end of life experiences


Toward the end of life


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