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Animal Spirits in the house

Animal Spirits in the house experiences


Animal Spirits in the house : today I tell you about Animal Spirits, I am also convinced that our beloved furry ones, our animals, rest near us, especially in the first period after their departure, because they can feel how much we have loved them and how much we suffer for their loss; we had a cat who, for 15 years, always lived alone with us, one day we found a little abandoned kitten and we immediately adopted him, despite the fact that we knew that our existing cat, having a peculiar personality, would probably not have accepted him; in fact, it was not at all easy, however after 3 months our cat finally began to accept it, they would play together and play fight, chase each other throughout the house, sometimes he himself would seek the kitten out to play.


This little kitten was really special, he followed me everywhere like a shadow, he was very affectionate and would always lick us and her companion, it’s as if he wanted to thank us for having saved him.


One sad day he got killed, it was a little older than a year, it was horrible, we were distraught with pain, those who went through it can relate, that night my husband heard him breathing near our bedside table, he got nearer and could still hear him breathe, he kept on hiding under the bed, two days later he noticed that our other cat kept on staring at the point where the kitten’s bed used to be, he turned around and for a moment he saw the silhouette, it was there, in his bed but the strange thing is that the other cat, for a long time, kept on playing with him, as if he was still there with him, even we could perceive his presence, he would seek him out where he was used to hiding, and then would run up and down as if he was being chased by the other cat, often our cat now does things and behaves in ways that are not typical of him, because they belonged to the other cat; one time I happened to look at my current cat’s eyes and for a moment I got goosebumps because I perceived the look from my other beloved little furry friend, whom I loved so much, like a child, and I will never forget it.


Animal Spirits in the house experiences is the testimonial from Annarella


Animal Spirits in the house


Animal Spirits


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