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Sacred heart of Jesus in a dream

Sacred heart of Jesus in a dream experiences


Sacred heart of Jesus in a dream : hello Sara Luce my name is Carla, today I tell you about a dream, the sacred heart of Jesus, I sent you other testimonials, now I am sending you another one, a wonderful dream; in this dream I was laying in bed, I remember it was a round bed, and above me was a great dome with paintings, they seemed alive, there was Jesus, there was the Madonna, Angels, the colors where resplendent, then I saw Jesus Christ coming down to the feet of my bed, he was looking at me smiling, he was beautiful; then He opened his tunic and took his own heart and donated it to me, I cried from happiness, I felt good, I was in peace.


On the other side of the bed there was an Angel, with black hair, he was looking at me, he put a hand on my forehead and once again I felt love, peace and tranquillity.


Then I woke up, it was truly a wonderful dream.


One must never lose faith in Jesus and in Angels.




Sacred Heart of Jesus in a dream experiences is the testimonial from Carla


Sacred Heart of Jesus


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